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EZ Exchange is now part of EZ365

EZ Exchange is now part of EZ365

We’re very excited to announce that EZ Exchange is now part of EZ365. Over the past few months, our leadership team has been working hard to build a digital ecosystem that will drive even more value and benefits for EZ Exchange’s users and investors. We are diligently building out the EZ Exchange trading platform as well as the other elements of our digital ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates about this over the next few weeks.

What is Missing With Cryptocurrency Exchanges Today

In today’s ever-expanding cryptocurrency exchange landscape, there are a number of high-end features that make these exchanges appealing to users. These range from using utility tokens for trading fee discounts to stop-loss features for traders. However, when it comes to onboarding new users into the cryptocurrency realm, a sizable gap exists. EZ Exchange plans to close this gap in swift fashion in having a number of features and tools to help onboard both the experienced and new cryptocurrency user alike.

Customer Service…. a major roadblock in the adoption of Crypto

Having been part of the crypto community since 2013, I have had the sincere honour of witnessing an evolution of technology fueled by brilliant minds; however; as like most of you I have had trials and tribulations. Access to reliable information, mentoring and education, but most of all quality customer service has been a source of both extreme frustration and disappointment.

EZ Exchange makes crypto trading easy and safe

EZ Exchange is leading the way to enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency. It was born out of the idea that buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency should be easy and accessible to all. That new investors should have all of the resources and education they need in one place, while experienced traders enjoy advanced functionality. We are creating a single platform to safely and easily buy, trade and sell crypto, and convert it quickly back to cash.