EZ365 - revolutionary digital ecosystem

We’re thrilled to share more about EZ365; a blockchain-based technology platform that makes it easy for users to play, trade and learn in a secure environment. EZ365 expands on our EZ Exchange digital asset exchange and EZ Academy education portal with the addition of EZ Win, a provably fair iGaming platform. Learn more in our explainer video above.

EZ365 positions us as first-to-market with a blockchain solution combining online gaming, digital asset trading and education. And – great news - we’re launching soon; with version 1.0 of our exchange in September 2019, and the sports betting portion of the iGaming platform will follow soon after in Q1 2020.

On September 5, we will be launching our public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), where we will be selling 30 million tokens.

In our next few blogs, we will delve deeper into the three different platforms that make up EZ365’s ecosystem. In the meantime, you can read more about EZ365 in our whitepaper or by checking out our website.

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