The Hottest New Technology is Only Missing One Thing: Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

If you entered the cryptocurrency market in 2017 or prior, you’ve likely had the following level of customer service when trying to get an answer to a question or resolve a problem: dead silence.

Yes, silence on the other end of the phone when you’re trying to determine the whereabouts of the money you wired to fund your accounts. Silence when it’s been five weeks and yet there’s no sign that your ID has been cleared for KYC. Silence because the email address or telephone number on a website was just a ruse of support.

Can you think of another industry where a total lack of customer engagement would have been acceptable? Sure, I’ve had a few heated conversations with my wireless service provider on occasion, but heck…at least there was someone to argue with.

The truth is, the kind of experience the crypto industry has provided until very recently would have sunk most traditional companies. In fact, in today’s dynamic business landscape, smart companies are placing even moreemphasis on customer service.

There is good reason for this. A 2018 New Voice Media study showed that US companies have lost $75 billion worth of business due to bad customer service. A similarly themed Accenture report stated that 52% of customers who’ve had a bad customer service experience with a company stopped buying their products and services.

Reflecting on those stats, don’t you think it’s kind of amazing that crypto managed to skirt the whole customer service thing for so long? I mean, didn’t Bitcoin just turn 10? Isn’t it time for the tables to turn? For the investors… thepeople handing over their money… to get some of the attention?

Maybe I’m overly touchy about this issue because I’ve been in the business of customer service for many years; most recently, running my own call center operations. I know what it takes to keep customers happy and delivering a positive customer experience has been the main success factor of my business endeavors. Frankly, it’s one of main reasons why Russell and I decided to start EZ Exchange. I knew there was a better way to attract, support and retain valued investors. To make crypto more accessible and pleasant for the average person. To provide the kind of experience that makes buying, selling and trading crypto easy, seamless, and dare I say….kind of fun?

I’m proud that customer experience is the main focus of EZ Exchange. The essence of our brand.

Our team of experts knows the difference great customer service can make for a company, and more importantly, for an investor. So together, we have designed, and are building, the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

We are doing this by specifically identifying and addressing the issues beleaguering the current cryptocurrency trading environment — instead providing the best possible investor experience through features and functionality that make it easy and safe to trade digital assets, regardless of one’s level of experience. Features such as:

  • 24/7 Live customer service and support over the phone and online

  • Step-by-step tutorials

  • User-friendly basic and advanced technology interfaces

  • A proprietary educational platform, EZ Academy, for beginner and advanced traders

  • Simple, fast registration

  • Multi-language trading interface

…and so much more.

I am confident that this level of service, paired with our commitment to security and regulatory compliance, will position EZ Exchange as a true winner in the in the eyes of those who matter most….our customers.