Meet Our Advisors: Q&A with Rick Tapia


Rick Tapia is CEO and Founder of Restored Consulting, LLC and is an industry expert and leader in the business analysis of blockchain platforms and their subsequent infrastructures. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) strategy, metrics, start-to-finish processes, implementation, marketing and public relations along with the proper formation of corporate structureRick is a Project Team Mentor for EZ Exchange.

Q: Rick, you are known for advising on both project ideation and bringing those ideas into reality. How did you build up such broad expertise across all the critical areas of launching a successful ICO?

A: My expertise is the direct result of my personal commitment to keep growing, learning and gaining valuable experience. I have always adopted this mindset in my work with ICOs and other start-ups.

I’ve had a good level of experience in working with start-up companies over the years and have been able to couple that with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained working with different ICOs. While there are some subtle differences between ICO-based companies and traditional companies, there is a huge overlap in terms of what’s needed to get a company launched and on the path to success.

Q: How important is the platform and infrastructure of a blockchain project?

A: With any blockchain project, the platform and infrastructure are important. With an exchange (such as EZ Exchange), the level of importance is even higher because of the risk involved when it comes to the security of user funds and the steps that must be taken to ensure compliance steps are systemized and adhered to.

Q: What are the main differentiators for success?

A: The main differentiator for a successful vs. unsuccessful blockchain project is often the ability to execute on a vision. There are many great blockchain ideas in the world but most aren’t successful due to a lack of execution in one or multiple areas.

With the blockchain world gaining widespread notoriety, there is also a lot more competition in the space today. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing it does mean that companies really have to differentiate by executing on their vision and by making sure that their vision meets the needs of the consumers in the industry they are hoping to enter.

Q: What is often overlooked?

A: An important element that often gets overlooked is timing! Throughout history there have been many examples of companies with great potential that have attempted to launch a product or platform only to end up failing because the timing wasn’t right in their prospective market. As exciting as it is to get a company launched, you have to ensure the timing is right or all your great ideas won’t get off the ground. Patience can be an important leadership attribute.

Q: What gives you confidence in the platform and infrastructure EZ Exchange is building out?

A: I feel very confident in the platform and infrastructure of EZ Exchange for a number of reasons. First, the core team has an ample of amount of experience and the knowledge to execute on the facets of the project required for success. I also believe the timing of the project gives confidence! The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining traction all across the globe and a timely solution is needed to help cultivate a new generation of users in a way that makes the on-boarding process easy and intuitive.