Meet our Advisors: Q&A with Md Mofassair Hossain

Md. Mofassair Hossain is the CEO and Founder of Perhalic. He is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), and has been an investor and advisor to over 16 ICOs in the blockchain industry. As one of the top PR and Marketing Advisors on ICObench, he is also listed as one of the top 30 on their People of Blockchain list. Mofassair is a member of the Israeli Blockchain Association and the Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals organization. He is an Ambassador of Humaniq and Advocate of DasCoin. He is currently a Project Team Mentor for EZ Exchange.

Q: Mofassair, can you tell us a little about the important role you currently play in the blockchain space?

A: Over the course of my career in the blockchain space, I have worked as a strategic PR and marketing advisor to more than 16 ICOs, with 12 ICOs successfully completed to date. My overall goal is to ensure the ICOs I support have a world-class marketing and PR program that encourages investor interest and maximizes brand exposure.

Q: Based on your marketing and PR expertise, what are the key focus areas ICOs must address in order to build trust among new and experienced investors?

A: One of the trends I have seen recently from the ICO market is that most of the ICOs start without a proper business or financial plan, and haven’t given adequate thought to either product planning or how they will market themselves. They often fail after the ICO as they can’t deliver the right product to their investors over time. In my opinion, ICOs must strengthen these areas first before they jump into launch mode.

From a PR perspective, I can tell you that new investors like and appreciate daily updates from ICOs. They like reading their media coverage and hearing weekly updates from the team. A great landing page is also an asset; especially one that makes it easy for people to find information or invest. ICOs that have this in place will certainly have an easier time raising funds from both big and new investors.

Q: How has EZ Exchange been building investor interest and confidence?

A: EZ Exchange is bringing a revolutionary trading platform to the cryptocurrency, making it easy for all users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency easily and securely. They are doing so by focusing on three areas: customer support and service, security and ease of use. From a solid business and financial plan, promising minimal viable product (MVP) to robust marketing plan, the team has what it is required to take this project to the next level. These are all things that investors look for in a good project. In addition to this, their strategic partnerships with key players in the cryptocurrency industry also set them apart and position them well in this space. Also worth noting, EZ Exchange is offering more than just an exchange — their comprehensive education platform, EZ Academy, will provide their users with the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading knowledge they need in one convenient spot.