Meet Our Advisors: Q&A With Bonnie Normile, Project Team Mentor

Bonnie Normile is an advocate of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) / blockchain / cryptocurrency evolution. She assists in business development, marketing/public relations as well as funding. Bonnie is an analyst at ICOBench and a board member of the Israeli Blockchain Association. She is the U.S. ambassador to Perhalic Group, a partner at Coinsulters Blockchain Media, member of the International Blockchain Assoc. Foundation (IBAF), International Decentralized Assoc. (IDACB), Woman in Blockchain International (WIBI) and other notable organizations. Bonnie acts as advisor to an diverse array of blockchain projects, both new issue and post token offerings while managing clients with branding, strategy and listing services.

Q: Bonnie, to what do you attribute your deep interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?

A: My interest in blockchain and crypto is attributed to the simple fact that the current system has proven to be broken in so many ways; to the point that the entire financial system almost collapsed a decade ago because of irresponsibility and lack of oversight and transparency.

Blockchain can solve many of these issues. While we are still in the infancy stages of the ecosystem being created, it will be exciting to see how the space matures as regulations roll out and the world’s largest companies realize the benefits of this technology and race to embrace it. It’s only a matter of time until people truly understand how remarkable these advancements are; how they will not only improve global business, but also allow for a world that is more equal.

Q: You are passionate about uniting women around the world with a knowledge of blockchain technology. Why is this important to you and what initiatives are you leading or participating in?

A: I have met some incredible women in this industry that continue to inspire me every single day. I definitely encourage more women to get involved in this space. Fortunately, over the past 12 months I’ve seen a step up in the number of women’s Telegram groups, in person meet-ups around the world and forums and conferences that have been established to help educate women and get more of us involved. I have a strong feeling we’ll only continue to see this momentum grow.

Q: What is EZ Exchange doing that got you interested in becoming a strategic advisor to the company?

A: EZ Exchange is striving to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies effortless. The availability of customer service and fast friendly help 24/7 is something this industry has not paid attention to; in fact, most have neglected it. Many people I speak with express an interest in investing in the crypto space, but cite the lack of customer service as a major hurdle for them. EZ Exchange has a tremendous opportunity to capture an untapped market of people that want some exposure to this sector.

As I’ve said many times, this is just the beginning. The majority of people have only heard of blockchain and cryptocurrency but have yet to get involved. I believe the easier it is for individuals to understand cryptocurrency and access the support they need, the more successful they can be and the more they can grow along with the ecosystem being created.