It’s not about money, but trust


Heading out on the road for the company is always such a thrill for me — not only with the number of incredible people that we meet, but also in the opportunities that Eddie and I have to spread the word about EZ Exchange. We are always met with such positive feedback about our platform and offerings, which fuels the drive that I have to push this project over the finish line. We’re well on our way and I’m so excited for the world to experience EZ Exchange for themselves.

We started our trip at the Crypto Summit in Zurich where we had an opportunity to meet with blockchain leaders including strategic partners Greg Limon and Stan Milc from DigiMax.


From there, Eddie and I jetted off to the Malta Blockchain Summit with a goal of raising awareness of the EZ Exchange platform, meeting with institutional investors and strategic partners, as well as building the community of users so critical to our success. The event was simply buzzing with riveting discussions about the world-changing potential applications of blockchain as well as AI, big data, quantum technology and IoT. The event also featured a Hackathon, an ICO Pitch with hundreds of investors, and the Malta Blockchain Awards, where our very own Eddie served as one of the esteemed judges!

This blockchain event was the largest I have ever attended — with an astounding global 8,500 delegates in attendance (about 2% of the size of Malta’s total population!). Speakers included Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and many of the biggest names in blockchain. Needless to say Eddie and I had many elbows to rub, hands to shake and glasses to clink! We had the opportunity to meet with many amazing leaders and influencers including W. Scott Stornetta (who doesn’t like to take credit for inventing blockchain, but I’m going to give it to him anyway); founding Ethereum member and Cardano Foundation co-creator, Charles Hoskinson; and John McAfee, co-founder of the McAfee Crypto Team and CEO of Luxcore. We also spent some quality time with our own Project Team Mentor Nikolay Shkilev and the one of our strategic partners, Shyft Network’s CEO Joseph Weinberg.


One of the highlights of the event was an incredible story relayed by W. Scott Stornetta during his exciting address. As legend has it, in 1565, during the siege of Malta, ships carrying gold and silver were prevented from reaching the shore. As a result, local authorities began minting copper coins to keep the economy going and pay the over 20,000 labourers that were working on the Island at the time. One side of the coin was inscribed with the phrase, “NON AES SED FIDES’ over shaking hands, which translates to “Not money but trust”. Meaning it’s not the metal that determines the value of a currency, but the trust behind it. And that still holds true today, especially for digital currencies.

For the finale we were treated to a closing night party that I can only describe as insane. Picture a mass of people, deep bass reverberating through your soul, and lights, lasers, and crazily-costumed dancers rounding out the sensory overload. There was a lot of napping on the plane ride home needless to say.


Goodbye until next time Malta! You are small but mighty, and you never cease to amaze…