EZ Exchange Signs Letter of Understanding with Shyft


EZ Exchange, a revolutionary security, service and education-oriented global cryptocurrency exchange platform, is excited to announce it has signed a Letter of Understanding with Shyft, the global blockchain-based network that facilitates the secure sharing of attested and compliant data.

Through the partnership, Shyft will provide critical identity verification services to EZ Exchange, supporting the company’s strict adherence to KYC/AML and security practices while simultaneously ensuring an ideal user experience for investors. In turn, EZ Exchange will become an important member of Shyft’s growing ecosystem of cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs; a coalition focused on reducing investor risk and enhancing efficiencies by securely sharing attested identity verification data.

According to Shyft InternationalCEO Bruce Silcoff, “Consumers are continuously asked to provide personal data to access basic services, and they’re right to be skeptical. That repetitive and incessant data collection and subsequent data storage increase everybody’s risk profile. The way we treat sensitive personal information is broken. This partnership with EZ Exchange is part of our strategy to create fluid coalition alliances between organizations like exchanges and ICOs, to dramatically reduce the unnecessary and risky data overlap, and to secure the sharing of attested KYC/identity data between coalition parties. We’re thrilled to have found a terrific ecosystem partner like EZ Exchange, and look forward to working together.”

“The blockchain will only be as successful as it is secure. Yet currently, security concerns such as the sharing and storage or personal data are significant barriers to entry for millions of potential crypto investors around the globe; limiting the potential of this incredible technology,” added Russell Korus, CEO, EZ Exchange. “EZ Exchange’s vision is to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency by enabling both new and experienced users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency simply, safely and securely. A highly reputable company deeply focused on keeping people’s identity and information safe and secure, Shyft is perfectly positioned to provide EZ Exchange with the critical identity verification services to deliver the ideal experience to investors. EZ Exchange and Shyft also share a value system which includes equality, inclusion and accessibility of resources, all facilitated by the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We are thrilled to be able to partner with an organization that aligns so well with our technology and values.”

For more information about Shyft, please visit their website at https://www.shyft.network.