Avoiding scams on social media

EZ365’s social media channels are important methods of connecting with our community. We regularly post updates about our company, our platform and promotional programs such as airdrops, bounties and sweepstakes on our channels. From time-to-time, there may be individuals who impersonate us on social media, often with malicious intent, asking for payment or personal information. Here are a few tips on how to avoid social media scams:

  1. EZ365 will never ask you for digital currencies or fiat currency as part of our sweepstakes, airdrops or bounty.

  2. Our announcements are always shared on our official social media channels. We will never ask a third party to share an announcement on our behalf. In the case of joint announcements with our partners, the announcement will appear on both our partner’s and our social media channels.

  3. EZ365’s official social media accounts are linked on our website (www.ez365.io). If you’re ever in doubt over the legitimacy of an EZ365 social media account, check on our website or ask us in our Telegram Community (https://t.me/EZ365).