What is Missing With Cryptocurrency Exchanges Today


In today’s ever-expanding cryptocurrency exchange landscape, there are a number of high-end features that make these exchanges appealing to users. These range from using utility tokens for trading fee discounts to stop-loss features for traders. However, when it comes to onboarding new users into the cryptocurrency realm, a sizable gap exists. EZ Exchange plans to close this gap in swift fashion in having a number of features and tools to help onboard both the experienced and new cryptocurrency user alike.


In a world where the likes of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining traction and adoption, there remains a significant barrier of entry for everyday users. Cryptocurrencies represent an entirely new paradigm and the way they are purchased, transferred and stored can be quite difficult for new users. Wallets no longer comprise physical, tangible cards and cash but are now multiple letter phrases that can be somewhat difficult for the new user to understand. The prospect of how to purchase cryptocurrencies alone can be daunting. Cryptocurrency exchanges today do very little to help this growing problem and do not offer a way to onboard new users in a way that makes it easy for them to begin purchasing and trading. This is where EZ Exchange comes in. Through its own cryptocurrency educational platform called EZ Academy, EZ Academy will offer a complete suite of courses and guides for both new and advanced users to learn the many different facets of cryptocurrencies. New entrants into the cryptocurrency world will have a barrage of educational tools to make their transition into cryptocurrencies both seamless and intuitive. Whether someone is a beginner or a seasoned cryptocurrency user, there will be many educational opportunities available through EZ Academy to help build one’s knowledge base. It’s in this aspect that EZ Exchange helps fill one of the gaps currently missing with cryptocurrency exchanges today.


Another aspect that is presently missing with cryptocurrency exchanges is a truly robust support system. On the exchange side, emailing and ticketing systems create a muddied pool of user requests that lead to issues not getting solved. On the user side, customers are often burdened with long wait times for issues to be resolved and do not get a quality customer support experience in the process. With EZ Exchange, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support system will be in place that will deliver a level of personalized support to help solve user issues both quickly and efficiently. With a complete and robust support system in place, EZ Exchange will lead the way for user experience and support in a way that is missing from cryptocurrency exchanges today.

User Interface

Cryptocurrency exchanges today also face the issue of having user interfaces that are both cumbersome and unintuitive for new users. This often leads to loss of potential customers as they proceed to use other exchanges that are more intuitive and user-friendly. With EZ Exchange, the user interface has been specifically designed to allow traders of all levels to easily navigate and find the information they are seeking. EZ Exchange’s team has decades worth of experience and knowledge to understand exactly what type of tools and features need to be in place to make the user interface both robust and easy to use.

Overall, EZ Exchange will offer a complete and unique solution that will bridge the gap that presently exists between cryptocurrencies and the many people wishing to join this new and exciting paradigm.

Rick Tapia is a Project Team Mentor on EZ Exchange’s Advisory Team.