The EZ Exchange Team: Making our big dreams a reality

Since founding EZ Exchange, Russell and I have had the opportunity to travel far and wide building out our network of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts around the globe. We have shared our views about what we believe is blocking the mass adoption of crypto; citing challenges such as a poor user experience and concerns around security and risk. We have been even more vocal about how addressing these issues will drive the shift toward mass adoption and unleash the potential of cryptocurrency.

This viewpoint and the EZ Exchange vision have resonated with many people in the industry and I’m thrilled to report, a number of renowned leaders have joined the EZ Exchange team as advisors and partners; helping us to achieve our vision of crypto for all.

You’ll often hear me refer to the EZ Exchange crew as a “dream team” and I assure you, this is no exaggeration.

Our core team includes Chief Technology & Information Security Officer, Mike Caravetta, who was previously responsible for the technology and security behind some of the world’s leading stock exchanges. Our Chief Disruption Officer is none other than bestselling author and renowned innovation and disruption expert Jim Harris. Jim is consistently named as a top 20 blockchain influencer by Relevant Track and was named the #1 influencer at CES 2017 by Ochen. We also have top Fintech and compliance leaders, seasoned technology developers, user experience and project management experts on board…. and the roster only keeps growing!

Outside of our core team, we have a strong hitting list of advisors, including our Success Coach, Douglas Lyons, and a list of project team mentors who are exceptional and influential leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Our advisors are very well-respected and a majority are recognized experts on ICObench.

When Russell and I founded EZ Exchange, we did so with a vision to disrupt the cryptocurrency space and enable the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by making buying, selling and trading digital currencies simple, secure and accessible for everyone. Yet despite our relentless focus on these goals, I’m not sure either of us imagined we would generate such incredible global support for our vision, or establish the dream team we have in place today.

The talent we have rallied together is quite astounding and leaves no doubt in my mind that our once lofty vision will soon be a reality.

As EZ Exchange continues to make our rounds on the blockchain circuit, we hope you can meet some of our team members in person and discuss our shared enthusiasm for the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.