New York FinTech Week 2018

As we continue to build our network of investors and contacts in the crypto world, New York City has become a truly special place for EZ Exchange. And after last week’s escapades, I can safely say it is even more memorable.

The city itself is so vibrant it seems to be a living organism. An organism Eddie and I became part of during the second annual FinTech conference and networking extravaganza held in Times Square. The conference brought together a whole host of players in the FinTech ecosystem, from banks and investors to start-ups, government and everyone in between.

Our time in the Big Apple was spent meeting with investors and potential partners. The conversations we had and sessions we attended during the conference helped us to think of new ways to enhance our exchange and, ultimately, help facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. For example, we gained important insights that will ultimately improve the experience and value proposition of our users and ensure the effectiveness of the EZ Academy education platform we are developing.


Attending events like this has been so valuable for EZ Exchange. There is really no substitute to meeting people face-to-face, looking them in the eye and shaking their hand; although, being on the road sure comes with its challenges.

Case in point…I invite you to picture Eddie and I driving through rural Pennsylvania at 3 a.m. in complete darkness, trying to make it home for a 10 am meeting with a prominent investor. After a number of mishaps during the day, we didn’t make our original flight back to Toronto, and the one that we were rebooked on was cancelled. The panic started to set in as everything was booked — we tried it all…buses, trains, and planes.


In an amazing twist of fate, we found a flight leaving at 7am the next morning — or so we thought. Just as we were about to arrive at the hotel we had booked for the night, Eddie looked at the flight reservation and went very pale in the face….suddenly realizing that the miracle flight was not scheduled for the following morning (Saturday) but for the day after that.

We had one last chance to make it to the next morning’s investor meeting. We decided to rent a car in New York and return it in Toronto. This was no easy feat and double the cost of our original flights combined. As we headed back to JFK airport to get our car, I found myself wondering how we went from investor meetings at FinTech to starring in the sequel of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

So that’s how we ended up driving through rural Pennsylvania at 3 a.m. in total darkness. And you know what? We made it to that meeting.

This whole fiasco highlights the key difference between working for someone else, and working for yourself. If we didn’t make it to the meeting, no one would suffer but us. So we had to find a way. That’s just how it goes when you decide to turn a dream into reality. Nothing can stand in the way of your success. Even the pitfalls of travel.

I’m finding that the determination to succeed is actually quite self-sustaining. The more determined you are, the less you succumb to exhaustion. It’s a bit of a paradox, in that the harder you work, the more energy you seem to have. And for that I am grateful, because it might have been the only thing keeping Eddie and I going on the I-81 in the middle of the night.

But, that’s ok. Like I always say, I will rest when we reach the top. Then, maybe then a nice family trip to New York City will be in order. Or heck, Pennsylvania! I bet it looks even nicer in the daytime.