After 3 weeks away it is so good to be home. This may sound crazy but I swear my kids look noticeably older to me. They seriously need to stop growing so quickly or they’re in trouble 😠!

This trip was so great in many ways, but even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have thought we could accomplish this much in under a month. I have never felt this burned out. And now that I’m home, with the exhaustion and jetlag setting in, I realize just how strongly the elation and euphoria of our continued success was actually sustaining me through 6 flights to 4 countries across 4 time zones on 2 continents — but it was so worth it. This entire trip it has felt, in an unending series of coincidences that were not, like we are getting confirmation from the universe that we are really on to something, and that EZ Exchange is going to be special. Things were just constantly falling into place, and every time we got stuck, the solution would appear, often literally right in front of us.

This started from the time we got off the plane in Malta, where at the airport we met Anthony Abunassar. He turned out to be not just a tremendous professional resource, but in only 3 days became a dear friend as well. By the time we left Malta, we had secured a banking partnership; a partnership with a payment gateway that will allow us to provide users with an easy (EZ 😊) way to deposit and withdraw Fiat from virtually any currency; met with the heads of the Malta Stock Exchange and the Malta Financial Services Authority; and secured a partnership with an expert in Islamic finance, to build a fully compliant cryptocurrency investment product for the Islamic World. All that in 72 hours, and we were just getting started!

Then we were off to Singapore, where we were introduced to great people like Maxim Chereshnev and Krystelle Galano at the World Blockchain Roadshow. We met with one of our global advisors, Amarpreet Singh, and established some great relationships with prominent investors and VCs.

From there we hit the Philippines, where we cemented our relationship with IDACB. We also secured an outstanding call center for EZ Exchange, and met two amazing business associates who also became great friends in 2 days. One was Kelly White whose help we plan leveraging to making inroads in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, to offer crypto-based financial services to the unbanked. The other was Gaurav Shah, who will help us penetrate the Indian market and establish a corporate presence in Singapore.

Our last stop was Korea. We spent 2 incredible days at the Korea Blockchain Summit, meeting many amazing people and learning about great projects from around the world. This experience had profound effects for the EZ Exchange platform that are just too numerous to list.

As we try to adjust back to our normal routine, our next trip is already being planned, with stops in India, China and Japan later this month. I guess this is my life now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have never worked harder than I have since this project began, and I have never had more fun. So I feel extremely grateful to be given this opportunity to turn my dream into reality, and I will continue to do everything and anything necessary to make it happen.

We will not rest until EZ Exchange is the biggest and best exchange in the world, and is the spark that fuels the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Every major technological advance needed a mass adoption moment to go from obscure to mainstream, and with the help of EZ Exchange, cryptocurrency’s moment is almost here.