EZ Exchange: EZ Academy


As the new global paradigm of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to grow, there is a significant and growing need for educational resources and tools to help both new and experienced users alike grow their knowledge base in this exciting space. Unfortunately, the resources that are available today are often scattered, inefficient and offer little to no facilitation value for eager learners.

What if there was an institution that offered educational courses to help grow one’s knowledge base and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Introducing EZ Academy

EZ Academy is an institution of higher cryptocurrency learning that will cover not just training and support for EZ Exchange itself, but instruction and insight on a wide range of topics throughout the blockchain and digital currency universe. The vision is to make cryptocurrency easy for both beginners and advanced users alike. From trading strategies and ICO reviews to technical instruction on leading-edge blockchain innovation, EZ Academy will offer a complete and robust portal to support and empower the wider cryptocurrency community.

EZ Academy will be built around three specific offerings:

The first offering is a new Training and Development portal that is split into two streams for users. Users who are registered for EZ Exchange have access to these valuable resources.

  • The first stream addresses general blockchain and cryptocurrency information that will give a baseline education to new users. This educational stream includes all the fundamentals, definitions and links to further reading to expand the user’s foundational knowledge base.

  • The second stream is a series of videos to walk the user through EZ Exchange. This is a step-by-step visual and audio instruction on everything from registering, setting up a wallet, trading, managing and monitoring investments and moving cryptocurrency to fiat.

The second offering in EZ Academy is a community portal, where EZ Exchange users will be able to keep their level of cryptocurrency knowledge current and up to date with the latest news and trends, and interact with other users. This area will contain monitored discussion boards where users can have open dialogue with each other, vote on new coins or tokens to be added to EZ Exchange, discuss other projects, and give their thoughts and feedback to EZ Exchange. Users who have EZX tokens will have access to these advanced EZ Academy features. Users who do not hold EZX tokens can pay for a subscription to these resources.

The Community portal will also contain data feeds aggregated from several established sources, including:

  • Market Data

  • News

  • Indexes & Reference Rates

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Alternative Data

The third offering on EZ Academy is an exclusive VIP Club for high volume traders on EZ Exchange. Loyal and dedicated EZ Exchange traders will receive access to a number of premium features, including exclusive events, resources and many other offerings exclusive to the VIP Club.

EZ Academy will offer a plethora of educational tools designed with the user in mind, giving experienced and new cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. EZ Exchange believes that this is a critical requirement on the path to mass adoption of crypto worldwide and is investing to ensure its success.

Rick Tapia is a Project Team Mentor on EZ Exchange’s Advisory Team.