Inaugural NFT drop by celebrated artist and innovator

Roni Stretch

EZ NFT is partnering with celebrated artist and innovator Roni Stretch to introduce the world’s first carbon negative, air purifying paintings accompanied by corresponding 1/1 NFTs.

Stretch’s distinctive work is held in numerous worldwide public and private collections, art galleries and museums – with many pieces commissioned by an impressive array of celebrities.

About the drop

The StretchNFT drop will comprise of a limited series of 1/1 physical paintings paired with corresponding 1/1 NFTs – marking Stretch’s first exciting foray into the NFT space.

Having pioneered one of the art world’s most unique and daring techniques, Stretch creates multi-layered, living, breathing paintings using his proprietary, enhanced lab tested, Green Wise certified paint. The patented paint purifies air by removing and absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including airborne chemicals, household products and carbon dioxide over a six to eight year period.

Each NFT will be embedded with a certificate of authenticity – ensuring that provenance is registered on the blockchain, utilizing its transparent and immutable nature to guarantee authenticity, scarcity and ownership.

“Bridging the physical and digital art worlds with air purifying, physical paintings, this collection will include my first-ever NFT pieces, with a unique NFT accompanying every painting sold.”
- Roni Stretch

Selected Museum Shows and Collections

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
Museum of California Design, Los Angeles, CA
Museum of Design, Art and Architecture, Culver City, Los Angeles, CA
Cooperstown Museum and National Baseball Hall of Fame, New York.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA
Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA
The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
W.Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Museum, Pomona, CA

Celebrity Collectors Include

Hugh Hefner
Elon Musk
Oliver Stone
Robert Downey Jr.
Mickey Rourke
Jeremy Piven
Jamie King
Jeanie Buss
Millie Bobby Brown
Wolfgang Puck
Dionne Warwick
Luther Vandross
Amir Khan
David Platt
Francesca and Alessandro Gallo
Sheikh Mansour
Sheldon Adelson.


The final drop will be a variation of this piece.

Carbon Filter Painting

In the spring of 2020 as the world stood still, the pandemic presented a short-term opportunity for the earth to build and clean the air. And yet, despite the fact that Mother Nature was allowed to breathe for the first time in many years, our oceans were simultaneously flooded with an estimated 1.5 billion face masks – adding 6,000 metric tons of marine plastic pollution to an already over-burdened ecosystem.

I was motivated to take my relationship with my art and the environment a step further, to create a bold statement about the natural world and the imprint mankind is making on it. My ocean paintings represent the marine life affected by pollution. I want these pieces to make people take notice, start a dialogue, an ultimately, have an emotional experience.

Working with my friend and carbon tech genius Tim Sperry, we developed a natural paint that can act as an air filtration system – absorbing and purifying the air around it for several years and neutralizing harmful air pollutants such as VOC’s and Carbon Dioxide.

It was a game changer, and an opportunity to make art that people would notice and perhaps, to inspire change.

Read Roni’s full, inspiring story here…..

“I had been thinking for quite some time how to create a series of paintings that would be cemented in the time they were made. Paintings that could only have been painted at an absolute specific time and place in our history. With this world’s first technology available to me, I believe I created them.”
- Roni Stretch 2021

Meet the Artist:

Roni Stretch
Roni Stretch picture

Born in England in 1964, Stretch currently lives and works in Los Angeles where he has been a major contributor to the American art scene for the past 25 years. His work has been shown at leading art museums in California and New York and is held in numerous public and private collections worldwide including numerous celebrity commissioned pieces.

One of the most sophisticated painters of his generation, Stretch’s highly individual style leverages contradictions; photorealism and abstraction, light and dark, reality and altered states, smooth and rough textures, to deliver an emotional experience. His one-of-a-kind dichromatic painting process involves layering photorealistic under-paintings with numerous layers of paint applied over a multi-week process.

How EZ NFT Auctions Work:

When the auction concludes, the winning bidder will be announced.

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For those receiving physical artwork, white-glove delivery service will be provided by a specialized courier, anywhere in the world.

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The immediate, secure
transfer of the digital

Note: The auction winner retains the right to split up the set by selling the physical artwork and keeping the NFT, or vice versa.

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