A New Art Paradigm for the Digital Age

Renaissance 2.0

EZ NFT (a division of EZ365) is pleased to announce the first art project ever to bring the traditional and digital art worlds together.

Rooted in EZ NFT’s passion for both digital assets and fine art, Renaissance 2.0 offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire iconic physical art along with uniquely commissioned, one-of-a-kind NFTs. With physical and digital artwork carefully curated to complement each other, we’re bridging the gap between the traditional art world and the world of NFTs. It’s a new renaissance, for the digital age.

Renaissance 2.0

EZ NFT is currently working closely with a group of exceptional artists to curate a truly remarkable portfolio of art for auction. And for the first time ever, we’re offering the opportunity to bid on and purchase iconic, physical art paired with commissioned, one-of-a-kind digital NFT art – enabling you to participate in the exponential growth of the NFT market, while retaining the joy of owning cherished, physical art.

Embrace the new art paradigm, with Renaissance 2.0’s Genesis Series:

The Marilyn Collection

Coming June 2021

Iconic physical art. Inspiring digital interpretations. Ideal investment opportunities.

Coming in June, EZ NFT will be auctioning off five renowned original Andy Warhol prints from his Sunday B. Morning editions, depicting the world’s most timeless and glamorous movie star – Marilyn Monroe

A first-of-its kind offering, each physical art piece will be sold alongside a newly commissioned, 1/1 NFT reinterpretation by an esteemed modern-day artist. The lot will also include an Infinite Objects display, so collectors can admire and enjoy their digital art with the same reverence and passion they show their physical collections.

Renaissance 2.0 is reimagining the possibilities of art. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to bid on an iconic, physical piece of art, paired with a commissioned, one-of-a-kind NFT by a top artist.

It’s time to bring the physical and digital artworlds together.
Renaissance 2.0

What are the Andy Warhol
Sunday B. Morning Editions?

Internationally renowned American artist, film director, and producer Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was a leading figure in the pop art movement. His works combine artistic expression, celebrity and advertising and a variety of media.

The prints up for auction by EZ NFT, as part of the Renaissance 2.0 Genesis Collection, are known as Andy Warhol Sunday B. Morning Editions. They were created as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe with whom Warhol had a lifelong fascination.

Additional background information about on the history of these editions can be found on the following websites:

Meet the Renaissance 2.0
Genesis Collection Artists:

Any way you look at it, it’s all about the art.

The right mix of artists in a well curated collection can
make all the difference in the world.

That’s why EZ NFT is so thrilled to bring together this amazing collection of 5 artists. Spanning the globe from the US to South Korea, England and Finland, this distinguished group of artists have come together to put their prodigious talents towards a collective goal – partnering with EZ NFT to bring the traditional and digital art worlds together in beautiful harmony.

Nanu Berks

Nanu Berks picture

If nothing saves us from death, ART will save us from life.

Originally from Argentina, always nomadic, currently designing art & experiences that explore the intersections between consciousness expansion and transcendental technologies.

Nanu is a mixed-media artist (up-cycled, graffiti, healing arts, social-tech & AI) and loves sharing information about planet-positive technology through mind-body color maps, wearable art, NFT fine art, street art, and art installations. NFTing since 2016

James Suret

James Suret picture

James Suret is a UK based digital artist who specialises in creating dark and emotive artwork. Over the past 20 years he has used 3D and 2D techniques to create digital sculptures and illustrations. His work has been included in books and magazines worldwide as well as his self-published art book on amazon “Love, Death & Kisses”. Recently he has been creating and selling digital art as NFT’s.

Noe Alonzo

Noe Alonzo picture

Noe is a photographer from Texas that moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2011. During the daytime he works as a teacher, but at night he creates art through photography. Both his work and my hobby is photography and when he has free time, he likes to spend it taking photos. Besides photography he enjoys creating content related to art and photography, particularly videos to help others grow as creators.

James C. Mulligan

James Mulligan picture

James C. Mulligan is an Irish American artist. His Fine Art Paintings are collected by a long list of celebrities including Johnny Depp, Roger Daltrey, Neil Patrick Harris, the Presley Family, and the late Hugh Hefner. In addition to his personal work, James is a significant contributor to the Disney universe, characters and theme park attractions.

Vesa Kivinen

Vesa Kivinen picture

Vesa has been a digital art pioneer for 12 years, after having innovated his own process. For the past three years, he has been full-time in the crypto art and NFT space. For the mainstream audience, he is best known for collaborating in a project with Bollywood actress Veena Malik, which was seen by around 300 million people through BBC World, The Independent, IBT, Times of India, VICE, etc.

His piece Fork And Flip was the cover image on Forbes in the first article about the new movement. The collaboration with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser is now heating up with Own Your Data Foundation for 2021. VESA, a regular in the conference and speaking scene, also writes about creativity on News BTC, MagNFT, and is represented as a speaker & performer by Speakers Forum ltd.

His art has been collected by hedge funds, exchanges, CEO’s and influencers. Among them are Charlie Lee, Tone Vays, Craig Wright, Ocean EX, and many others. Michael Schwartz, a Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, put VESA’s art among the all-time greatest expressions of western abstraction already in 2014.

How Renaissance 2.0 Auctions Work:

Auctions will take place for 24 hours.
When the auction concludes, the winning bidder will be announced.

The successful winning bid will receive both the physical,
3’ x 3’ Andy Warhol print, as well as the digital NFT art via:

hands icon

White-glove delivery by a specialized courier service, anywhere in the world, of the physical artwork – authenticated, appraised and with full documentation

lock icon

The immediate, secure
transfer of the digital

Note: The auction winner retains the right to split up the set by selling the physical artwork and keeping the NFT, or vice versa.

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