EZ Exchange OU (EZ365) Acquired By Wee-Cig International Corporation, Russell Korus Named CEO and President

Monday August 30th, 2021

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Las Vegas, Aug. 30, 2021 – Wee-Cig International Corporation (OTCMarkets: WCIG), a company focused on identifying and growing top tech companies in emerging markets, today announced that it has acquired a leading innovator in the blockchain space, EZ Exchange OU (“EZ Exchange”), an Estonian corporation that owns EZ365 and all of its affiliated divisions (EZ NFT, EZ Exchange, EZ Win and EZ Academy).  Recognizing the immense disruptive potential of the blockchain across different industries, Wee-Cig is excited to acquire an innovative and established blockchain-based ecosystem that enables users to invest, play, trade and learn in one integrated, user-friendly platform.  The acquisition will provide EZ365 with the operational capital required to deliver on its longstanding vision to build the premier, user-friendly blockchain-based ecosystem on the web – enabling the mass adoption of digital assets by combining the best aspects of NFTs (EZ NFT), digital asset trading (EZ Exchange), online gaming (EZ Win), and blockchain education (EZ Academy).

Concurrent with the acquisition, Russell Korus, Founder and CEO of EZ365 and recognized expert and investor in the NFT and cryptocurrency space, has been named CEO and President of Wee-Cig. In this role Korus will focus on creating value for both new and existing Wee-Cig investors by unleashing the full potential of the EZ365 ecosystem and by expanding the company’s foothold in the blockchain space.“This acquisition marks a critical and exciting step in the EZ365 journey,” said Korus. https://premiersolarcleaning.com/ “In addition to expanding our investor and capital base, we will be exposed to a much larger market and better positioned to drive value to a broader audience. Wee-Cig recognizes the value of the EZ365 assets and shares our belief in the transformative potential of the blockchain and the role we can play in driving that transformation.”

About Wee-Cig Corporation

Wee-Cig International Corporation is a publicly traded holding and acquisition company (OTCMarkets: WCIG) with a particular talent in identifying top tech companies in emerging markets and helping them get to the next level. Constantly scouring the technology landscape to find the best investment opportunities, Wee-Cig targets companies that capitalize on unique opportunities by leveraging extensive, decades long industry relationships and management expertise. For more information, visit:  https://weecigcorp.com/

About the EZ365 Ecosystem

EZ365 leverages the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology to break down barriers to owning digital assets and unleash the vast growth potential of the NFT, online gaming industry and the cryptocurrency world. The first-to-market blockchain-based platform to combine NFTs, online gaming, a digital assets exchange, and a learning portal, EZ365 is further differentiated by its focus on customer support, security, ease-of-use and the customer experience; making it easy for users to invest, play, trade and learn in a secure environment. The EZ365 team includes leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency development, network and security infrastructure for global capital and derivatives markets and the online gaming space. Together they bring the rigor and methodology of established financial market security and deep technology expertise to the EZ365 platform.

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