From familiar roads in Malta to in-roads in China: our recent trip was a slam dunk!

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The whirlwind continues at EZ365!  Eddie and I arrived home recently after a three week journey which included Malta, Hong Kong and China; each part of the journey taking us one step closer to the launch of EZ365.

We began our journey in Malta, affectionately known as the “blockchain capital of the universe”, where we attended the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Spring Edition.

You may recall that last year was our first time attending. So much has changed since then, including the industry recognition we have gained through our network-building efforts and business dealings.  Needless to say, Eddie and I were thrilled to see many friendly and familiar faces among the 8,000 attendees at this two-day event, which featured networking, exhibition floor and education on all things blockchain.

Eddie and I with crypto guru, Brock Pierce (center)

Eddie and I with crypto guru, Brock Pierce (center)

We have also evolved our business vision significantly since attending this event in 2018; expanding into EZ365 and getting into the online gaming space by adding EZWin to our ecosystem. Let me tell you…there is no better place on earth to get feedback on your vision to combine digital asset trading and online gaming!  Malta is the current “capital of crypto” and the former “capital of online gambling”. This led to incredible discussions with experts on both fronts and we received a great deal of positive feedback and encouragement on the direction we’re going.

When we weren’t attending this key event, I’m pleased to share that we also took a major step in the “official business” of launching EZ365 while in Malta; registering EZ365, our parent company, as a Maltese Corporation. It was an exciting moment I’m sure neither Eddie or I will forget.

The next stop in our journey was Hong Kong and Mainland China where we began to make important in-roads into the Chinese market. With 1.5 billion people and a smartphone in every hand, China is far ahead of the curve when it comes to technology; including digital currencies. Even if it’s not entirely supported by the ideal infrastructure yet, the Chinese are conducting 30 trillion in non-cash transactional volume  annually through the various channels they have created to enable peer to peer transactions within China -- where there’s a will there’s a way!

As the plane landed back in Toronto I reflected on my three week journey.

Connecting with industry friends at the blockchain summit in Malta. Experiencing some of the defining moments in our business with Eddie. I’ve never felt prouder of the EZ365 vision and the team we’ve built to make it a reality. A reality that is just around the corner.

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I think it’s also worth noting here (for those who believe in good omens)… just a few days after unpacking my suitcase I watched my beloved Toronto Raptors win the NBA Championship game – the first Canadian team to do so.  I can’t help but draw a parallel. Just like the Raptors, my dream that once seemed so far in the future, is now close enough to touch.